Asold 2008: Problems of lead-free and mixed technology in SMT
The first symposium after a pause of many years was dedicated to the subject that is currently central and raises many questions: “Problems of lead-free and mixed technology in SMT”.
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Asold 2008: Open day
The second day of the symposium will be held in the format of the Open Day in the training and demonstration centers Enterprises Ostek. Symposium participants will be able to see in the work of the best to date equipment, work on it, to get information on the most pressing issues of production.
Moscow, Moldavskaya str., 5/2
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The event program
About the Symposium
About the Symposium

Symposium Objectives

The first symposium after a pause of many years was dedicated to the subject that is currently central and raises many questions: “Problems of lead-free and mixed technology in SMT”.

The aim of the symposium was the consolidation of specialists in order to exchange research results, scientific and technical achievements, experience of enterprises working in this field for a long time to find solutions and identify ways to address industry participants’ concerns.

To achieve this, the organizer of Asold’2008 Ostec Enterprise Ltd. has invited Russian leaders in research in the field of electronics manufacture, leading researchers from Europe and USA to speak at the symposium.

The main problems associated with the transition to lead-free and mixed technologies, as well as the currently existing solutions to these problems were reviewed and discussed during the symposium. In the process, the participants agreed that it is necessary to search together for new effective methods for preventing emerging problems.


Main Topics of the Symposium

  • Review of the situation with the introduction of the lead-free technology on the European and Russian markets.
    • Issues related to regulatory support of the lead-free and mixed technologies
    • Experience of application of the mixed technology
  • Hardware components for the lead-free technology. Ensuring reliability of the lead-free and mixed soldering.
    • Types and properties of coatings of components’ leads
    • Reliability of application of materials mixed
  • Particularities of design and manufacture of printed circuits for the lead-free technology.
    • Modernity in the application of the basic printed circuit materials
    • Particularities of selection and application of coatings for contact pads. Technological properties and research results
  • Investigation of soldering reliability of components made by the lead-free and mixed technologies.
    • Soldering reliability testing methods
    • Control and testing facilities
  • Particularities of application of complex BGA, CSP, QFN, and other components in the conditions of operation under the mixed and lead-free technologies.
  • Methods of avoiding the solution of “terrible” issues – Appearance of tin whiskers and tin plague.
  • Sequence of issue solution when selecting and combining elements of technology to ensure defect-free assembly.

Experts and Speakers

  • Lars-Olof Wallin, Professor at the Swedish University of Technology
  • Lars-Gunnar Klang, independent expert in the field of electronics manufacturing
  • Werner Engelmayer, USA, Chairman of the IPC Product Reliability Committee
  • N. Ivanov, Deputy Director General for new developments and technology, Avangard, St. Petersburg
  • V.D. Ivin, Head of the Wireless Technologies Department, Avangard, St. Petersburg
  • V.P. Manzik, Research Engineer at FGUP “Russian Research and Development Institute of Space Device Engineering", Moscow, and others.
  • Leading experts of Ostec Enterprise. 
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