The International symposium Asold 2011."Technological future of electronics"

26 October

According to legends, Nathan and James Rothschild – members of the famous dynasty of entrepreneurs and financiers, were carefully observing Napoleon coming off second best in the Battle of Waterloo with Anglo-allied army. They were preparing to send the pigeons with ciphered instructions to the Exchange agents after the battle. But in the last moment, brothers had decided not to risk, and as they just have made sure that Napoleon had come off a loser, driving too hard costly horses they speed along to London in aim to rapidly negotiate their’s stock and buy up British, Austrian and PRussian active securities.

The precious data, received ahead of anybody else, has allowed Rothschild brothers to earn 40 millions of pound sterling, to come out on top in the Exchange and to become the authours of phrase: “He who controls information, controls the world”. We wish you always get and operate information in time – this is the main condition of building the successful future.

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