About us

The success of the modern enterprise is defined by timely made decisions based on information on market tendencies and development of technologies. Osteс Corporate Group constantly studies the market and the latest technologies appearing in the world. Since 1991 Ostec has been organizing symposiums and conferences to transfer valuable information to the clients in time.

The Asold International Symposium is a large-scale event that gathers representatives from all areas of the electronics industry. This is a great opportunity for our customers to obtain the most actual information from the electronics industry experts, to discuss topical issues at the round table, to share experience, and to make agreements on the mutually beneficial collaboration with companies from all over the world.

Ostec Corporate Group is the largest engineering company in Russia and former Soviet Union offering efficiency-enhancing engineering and consulting services for the electronics industry.

Ostec was established in 1991 and since then has realized over 2,500 innovations projects in the following sectors:


  • electronic components and hybrids
  • electronics for the defense industry
  • aerospace electronics
  • electrical engineering and energy
  • automotive electronics
  • consumer electronics
  • computers and peripherals
  • industrial machinery and electronics
  • medical equipment and security systems
  • telecommunication
  • research and education


A systematic approach that we use in our projects is based on five elements: Research + Planning + Design + Equipment + Support. The first elements of the formula include audits, careful preliminary planning and estimation which prevent many incosistencies, as well as help optimize the efficiency improvement processes and ensure failure-free operation of equipment. The pre-study findings are used in:


  • Construction and upgrade of industrial buildings
  • Supply of equipment
  • Installation supervision and commissioning
  • Training
  • After-sales warranty service
  • Post-warranty support


In addition to modernization projects, we provide further technical support for our clients. Our support is based on innovations and includes regular technical audits, upgrades and maintenance. Ostec support also includes writing and distribution of specialized publications, training workshops, reports of leading industry experts at International Symposium Asold arranged by our company each year.

Russian electronics market continues to grow at a rapid pace. Public and private enteprises increase the amount of annual investment in production development by 40% on average. In these cirmustances Russian companies demonstrate a growing demand for innovations and high-tech manufacturing technologies. We invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation within projects implementation for our clients. Your competences and expertise can bring valuable contribution to the development of Russian electronics manufacturers. Learn more about our opportunities and prospetcs on our website or in a meeting with our specialists.

Ostec Corporate Group today is:


  • 400 highly skilled professionals
  • 12 business areas
  • 200 partners ­– the world’s leaders in technology
  • 2,500 completed production modernization projects
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification (BVC)